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Forty for Freedom
One for Spare Parts

Photo taken Spring 1975 (provided by Ed Legier)

The Boat, The Crew

This page is dedicated to the "Island Boys" and to all the fine USS Alexander Hamilton shipmates who rode under the waves on a deterrent patrol.

In memory of John F. Johnson, EM3, and Richard P. Engelhart, ETR2.
Nuclear power and submarine school classmates assigned to the USS Scorpion (SSN-589) just prior to her last run .... now on Eternal Patrol.

WEBMASTER: Dean W. Habhegger
Alexander Hamilton 1967 - 1971 

Insignia of the USS Alexander Hamilton

Taken from the Commissioning Program cover

A. Hamilton Information

Update from Dean:

Reunion XIII was a success and Reunion XIV is on the way. Click on "Reunion below for details.

Intersting tidbit about the USS ALEXANDER HAMILTON SSB(N)-617. At the time of decommissioning it had completed 73 Deterent Patrols and had completed 1,002 Dives (more than any other SSBN). Don't know if we still have that record but I suspect that may hold for the "41 For Freedom" Boats. Also, there is a new 'ship' with the name Alexander Hamilton...the USCGC ALEXANDER HAMILTON (WPG-753) a new Coast Guard Cutter stationed in Charleston SC.

USS ALEXANDER HAMILTON FACE BOOK PAGE--Yes we have one! Click Here to have a look. It is being run by "Lumpy" Viola. If you have not signed on, you should. There is a lot of fun stuff to read and tons of photos being posted.
I continue to update the Crews List, so keep sending in names and other pertinent data.

Ships History Find out where She's been and what She's done.  She even held Patrol and Diving records.

Crew's List    Look here for shipmates. I will be updating this regularly with any new information I get. If you have sent me an e-mail and I have not not responded, please send it again but to the above email address. Also, IF YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS IS NOT CORRECT, please send me the correct one and if you have a friend/shipmate who needs to update please remind them to do so.  

Reunion Information  The latest news for REUNION FOURTEEN in Baltimore, Annapolis or Washington DC area. Date 2021.

Shipmates On Eternal Patrol  Over a thousand sailors made patrols on the USS Alexander Hamilton, some have crossed the bar. This page is a memorial to them.
updated February 9, 2015

AN ALEXANDER HAMILTON AUTHOR--Yes we have one of those too! Gary Penley sends the following note:

My name is Gary Penley. I served aboard the USS Alexander Hamilton from 1963-1966. I have recently completed my fourth book, a true story titled,


This book is told from the viewpoint of an enlisted man. Unlike most other submarine books, it concentrates a lot on the type of men who inhabited the boats, and what we did, both onboard and off, to cope with the stresses of submarine life. As you might guess, this leads to a lot of hilarious situations, because most of the things we did to cope were pretty zany. The book is a memoir, military history, and adventure story. During the Six-Day War in the Middle East in June 1967, I was aboard a submarine on a top-secret mission in the middle of the war zone. I am sure that all submariners and ex-submariners, as well as anyone interested in military/adventure stories will enjoy it.

My book, in hardback, is due to be available in book stores around April 15 or you can pre-order on and get a discount price of $16.14. You can direct order from this Amazon link Amazon Link

Thank you.

Fair winds and following seas,

Gary Penley

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