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This is the crew's list of those shipmates who have contacted me and as a locater for those looking for old friends, etc.  I am including anyone who made an entry in my old GUEST BOOK and who have written personal e-mails to me.  I am also including those of you who have made entries in SUBMARINESAILOR.COM and in the D.O.S. section of Ron Martini's SUBMARINE BASE WEB PAGE.  I am only including NAME, E-MAIL ADDRESS, RATE/RANK, current HOME STATE, YEARS that were served aboard the USS ALEXANDER HAMILTON and with which CREW.  Your name may appear here if you are signed in with any of the above websites.  If you want to be included, send me an e-mail and let me know who you are.  The list is now approaching 1000 shipmates and  I estimate there were roughly 1600 shipmates who sailed the 617-boat in thirty years of service. I currently have over 1200 shipmates in the crew database and still counting.  The list starts below:

Norman (Buzz) Bessac 62-65
CD Summit 65-67
William Miller 67-70 (Overhaul CO)
Harry Schrader Jr 70-73
Stanley Skorupski 73-75 (Overhaul CO)
James R. Fuqua Jr 75-78
Marcus V. Friedman 78-82
Corwin Mendenhall III 82-86
Craig Welling 86-89 (Overhaul CO)
R.M. Harding 89-92 (Consolidated Crew CO)
B.J. Wegner 92-93 (Consolidated Crew CO)


Benjamin Sherman 63-66
Harvey Lyon 66-67
William Miller 67-68 (Overhaul CO)
William A Williams 68-70
Stanley Skorupski 70-75 (Overhaul CO)
M.G. Alden 75-77
Samuel Badgett 77-81
L.P. Gebhardt 81-86
D.C. Welling 86-89 (Overhaul CO)
H.R. Bishop 89-91
R.M Harding 91-92 (Consolidated Crew CO)
B.J. Wegner 92-93 (Consolidated Crew CO)

I have started to work on the biographies of the Commanding Officers and these can be found at the bottom of the Crew's List.

If the Years Aboard are Followed by (P) the Shipmate is a Plankowner

(Red) Paid Up Members '21 or '22
(Green) Paid Up Members Beyond 2022!

(*) Deceased

Abel Jesse abelj_r@yahoo.com SK1 81-83 617
Abercrombie Marvin  subsalr1001@yahoo.com 71-75 617
(*)Accardi Vito (Froggie)  CS 69-70 617G [ETERNAL PATROL (7/2019)
Adams Ken kdadams@cinci.rr.com EM1 89-91 617G
Adams William  wadams49@midwest.net Officer  IL years 617
Addams Don 617
Agren Carl  etc.carl.agren@ftsclant.navy.mil ET VA   89-91 617G
Albanese Chris  cjalbanese@aol.com CT   617
Alden M G CDR (CO) 75-77 617G
Alexander Patrick  alex@netstar-usa.com CS VA   63-67(P) 617G
Alfonso Mike  alfonso@tscnet.com Officer  years 617B
(*)Allen George E MM 87-91 617[ETERNAL PATROL 6/10/2012]
(*)Allen Wiley K     EM CT 66-67 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 8/11/2003]
(*)Allen William E RMC FL 68-69 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 11/13/2014]
Allgeier Alfred Jr aallgeier@iccable.com EN2     67-69 617B
Almeida Steve Jr Salmeida@aris-re.com QM 88-90 617B
(*)Anders Phillip H (Andy) EM 63-66 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 2/24/2015]
Anderson Andy  andy@galaxyinternet.net EM 78-81 617G
Anderson D C MT2 62(P) 617B
Anderson Daven A Mande95853@aol.com  IL  
Anderson Jay  jganders03@yahoo.com ETN1 NY   69-71 617B
Anderson Myron R mander1938@comcast.net 617(P)
(*)Anderson R E ETR2 62-66(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 2/25/1996]
Anderson W T RM2 62(P) 617B
Anderson William T wta2@hotmail.com RM OH 82-85 617G
Andrade David daveandrade@webtv.net   ET CT 72 617
Applegate Bruce   applegate@bright.net MT OH  76-78 617B
(*)Aquino Gabriel SD1 CT 63-66(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 12/7/2012]
Arcudi Anthony   tony@arcudinet.com  ET 81-84 CA 617B
Arellano Mario P aremario@hawaii.rr.com MM HI 86-90 617B
Armstrong Tom  Gunboss39@aol.com MT  years 617
Arnold Bert LT 78 617G
(*)Arrow Milton K 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 7/7/2007]
Ashburn Royal tcroyal@hcinet.net 617
Austin Thomas P   tpaustin53@comcast.net  MS 81-83 NJ 617B
Axelson William (Bill) williamaxelson@att.net MM2 PA 68-70 617B
(*)Aycock Joe MTC FL 62-66(P) 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 9/17/2023]
Ayotte Brett   bayotte@hotmail.com Officer  79-83 617G
Baake Bernie   bbaake44@gmail.com 62-66(P) NC 617
Badgett Samual CDR (CO) 77-81 617G
Bain Dale dalebain@cox.net ET2 617
Bair Guy   jbairg@msn.com RM TX  74-76 617B
Backes Theon (Charlie)  backestc@charter.net  ET1 NC 67-69 617B
Bagby Royce   redcloud@aol.com FM TX  71-72 617G
Bailey Alan D askmbailey@gmail.com EM2 82-84 617B
(*)Bailey Robert T 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 10/6/2013]
Baker Dan   danyankey@yahoo.com STS OH 69-71 617G
Baker Vincent   vbaker69@hotmail.com  YN 88-92 WA 617
Balazsy Joseph M   jbalazsy@comcast.net  ET 62-64(P) FL 617G
(*)Baldi Louis R Jr SK 77-80 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 12/3/2018]
Banasiewicz Rob  RBanasiewicz@worldnet.att.net Officer SC years 617
Barnes Kevin  kevingeri@msn.com CA 90-91 617B
Barton Jim (Bart)   jjbarltd@wctc.net 64-69 617BG
Barr John C jcbarr346@att.net IC2 66-67 617B
(*)Barrier John (Bear) CS2 MO 90-93 617BG [ETERNAL PATROL 10/18/2023]
Barron Christopher  fireleu6169@yahoo.com MT2  80-83 617B
Barrow Ben   benmonique@hotmail.com EM VA  81 617G
Basnight Mark W  MrEngr@aol.com MM  80-83 617B
Bates Jim  jimrbates@comcast.net ETN2  75-79 617G
(*)Bauchspies Dennis    67-69 617 [Eternal Patrol 1984]
Baum Samuel (Sam)   SamB58@live.com DM3 NV  78-80 617B
Baxter John   jcbmd229@cox.net LT(MC) FL/RI  63-64(P) 617B
Bealefield William R   wbealefi@tgn.net MM TX  76-80 617B
Bean Robert C   rcb5@cornell.edu EM  82-86 617B
Beck Carl   carl.beck@comcast.net TM 1993 617
Beasley Mike  rbunch@century.net QM MS 81-85 617G
Becker Bruce L bbecker@brukeraxs.com MM WI 76-80 617G
Beckman Jack  gbeckman@snet.net MM CT years 617G
Beland David   dbeland@commo.com MT  77-79 617B
Belden Brian R   beldenb@verizon.net EM2 NY  62(P) 617B
Bell John  coach.jbell@verizon.net MS MA  86-89 617G
(*)Bellman Rod  dsbellma@frontiernet.net QM2 MI 67-70 617G [Eternal Patrol 7/16/2018]
Belton Michael E mikeyb_30@yahoo.com YN SC 88-91 617B
Bennett Gary P LT CT 65-68 617G
(*)Bennettt Jim  k4kae@arrl.net ET SC 66-70 617GB [Eternal Patrol 2006]
Bennett James (Wes) 617
(*)Benson Louis (Lou) TM2 NH 68-69 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 10/22/2021]
Benton Mike  bikepunk005@yahoo.com MM1 CO 87-91 617G
Bentley David C betts.michael@sbeach.navy.mil TM  75-78 617B
Bergstrom E W STS3 62(P) 617B
(*)Beringer William E 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 1/2004]
Berndt T A EN2 62(P) 617B
(*)Bertling Harold N (Jr) MT 85-87 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 3/18/2020]
(*)Bessac Norman (Buzz) CDR (CO)62-65(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 3/29/2005]
Betts Michael P s608301@aol.com MT NY 81-84 617B
Biddle CT (Tom)  ctbiddle@comcast.net LT TX 71-73 617G
Billups Charlie  cbillups@yahoo.com STS IL 80-85 617G
Binford Tom  tomb2@lightspeed.net ETR   617G
Birkle Joe K  elkrib31@comcast.net TM1 CT 62(P) 617B
Bishop H R CDR (CO) 89-91 617G
Biskie Michael J  michael.biskie@montereyboats.com EM FL 81-83 617
Black Tom  tmbsr2005@yahoo.com TM TX 79-82 617G
Blair Stephen M steve562002@yahoo.com ET IN 75-79 617B
Blanch Jim MMCS 617
Blish Nelson nelson.blish@kodak Officer NY 71-75 617G
Blodgett George gblodgett@cfl.rr.com LT FL 68-70 617G
(*)Boatwright James (Boats)TM2 KS 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 12/9/2018]
Bock R D CS1 62(P) 617B
(*)Bolton George MM3 CA 67-69 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 1/21/2021]
Bonafede Frank  frankieb617@gmail.com MM1 WA 81-85 617B
Bond Doug bonddoug007@aol.com MS 82-85 617B
Bongiorno Tom  Kingfrog@ix.Netcom.com ST NV years 617
Bonila George  gbonilla@mail.sdsu.edu STS SD years 617B
Bonner Frank  fbonner617gold@gmail.com STS2  65-69 617G
Booker Don  dbooker@centurytel.net ET AR years 617
Booze J H MT2 62(P) 617B
Borchert Russell (Hoss) rborchert@tds.net ET GA 81-84 617G
Bosman Daniel (Bozz) bosmadm@bp.com   RM WA 88-89 617B
(*)Boswell Charles CDR (XO) 80-83 617G [Eternal Patrol 5/1/2002]
(*)Bott Henry Patrick STS3 85-89 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 10/10/2017]
Boyd Glenn M  choloroc@aol.com MM3 NY 89-91 617B
(*)Boyden Douglas G LT 62 617 Medical [ETERNAL PATROL 12/8/2019]
Boyes Winston  wlboyes@att.net  SC years 617G
(*)Boykin Albert Dare 617 [Eternal Patrol 10/24/2015]
Boyle J EN1 62(P) 617B
Braasch John  upscope1947@gmail.com MM2 WA 67-70 617G
Brady Dennis kathyndennis@verizon.net ET MD 76-79 617B
Brady Walt (Greg) bradysplace1@earthlink.net QM 65-69 617G
(*)Brakebill William FTG2 67-70 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 4/13/1992]
Brandes Stacy    brandess@charter.net  STS 89-93 617
(*)Braun James (JP) FTG2 MT 65-66 617B )[ETERNAL PATROL 4/15/2017]
(*)Brewer Eddie (Reb) MM1 68-71 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 8/15/2013]
(*)Brewster Ronald Lyter rondavous@rocketmail.com EN1 63-64(P)  [ETERNAL PATROL 1976]
(*)Brinley John H MT1 62(P) 617B
(*)Brooks Curtis (Curt) QM TN 66-69 [ETERNAL PATROL 12/4/2016]
Brooks James 'K' jkbrooksjr@gmail.com ET1 65-69 617BG
Brooks Jim E ET1 IN  74-77 617G
Brower Charles E  gsplex1@yahoo.com STS1 63-66(P) 617B
Brown John (Jack)  hungryjackb@yahoo.com  TM3 65-67 617B
Brown Kenneth  TheBrowns@donobi.net  WA 89-91 617G
Brown Robert  csbrow01 QM NJ 83-86 617G
(*)Brown Robert M LCDR (NAV) 62(P) 617B[ETERNAL PATROL 5/22/2019]
Brown Stephen (Steve) sbrown@fce.com ET1 CT 78-81 617B
Brown William Patrick (Pat) chefpatrick@q.com YN3 WA 65-67 617B
(*)Browning John sherfy@uti.com or christopher.l.browning@gmail.com MM IL 72-79-8 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 4/15/2015]
Bucknam Michael (Bucky)  mrmabuck@aol.com   FT PA 89-91 617G
Bue Denny Dennisb@vmh.com 617
Bugh Michael michaelbugh@aol.com 82-85 617B
Bullington Joseph  joseph.p.bullington@lmco.com MT FL years 617
Bumgarner James Mikebum@gmx.com 617
Bump David  davebump1@aol.com MM 82-84 617G
Bunch Kip   kiplbunch@aol.com FT IN  88-90 617B
Burgess William (Bill)  wrburgess44@gmail.com MM1 NC 65-70 617GB
(*)Burkhalter Edward A LCDR (1st XO) 62 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 7/1/2020]
Burnett Ed   elburn4@att.net EM FL  88-93 617B
Burns Dennis  dburns1958@gmail.com FTB2 ME 80-82 617B
(*)Burns Todd Edward MS 91-93 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 2/12/2018]
Burt Greg burtie07@comcast.net ETR2 VT 64-66 617G
Burton Bob  slipstar@slipstart.com OR 89-93 617G
Burwell Harold (Howie) ("H") hburwell@att.net MM 86-88 TX 617
Butt Gary garsyl94@outlook.com EM 617G
Byers Bill  bbyers@olg.com Officer MD 617B
Calabrese Mike mrmustangaz@gmail.com RM 80 617
Caldwell Ralph S  rscaldwell@yahoo.com  ETR3 TX 62-65(P) 617B
Callaway Ed  callael@gmail.com ET   66-72 617B
Calhoun Joe  jyc3@adelphia.net EM1 DE 84-87 617G
Cameron Archie   abcameron92@gmail.com FTB 68-71 MN 617B
Cameron John  jandlcameron@earthlink.net MM CA  1962(P) 617G
Campbell Jeff wa4now@yahoo.com MM2 WA 86-90 617
Campbell Richard dick@cyberback.com MT AR 68-70 617G
(*)Candler Eddie SK SC 69-72 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 5/1/2016]
Cangiano Louis  cangiano@copper.net SN 75-77 617
Canning Mark  markcanning@ispchannel.com MM MA 617G
(*)Cantley Robert J (Bob) MM1 TN 63-65 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 8/30/2018]
Caouette Edmond O (New Kid)   edcaouette@juno.com ETN GA 71-75 617GB
Carey Jim  jimrita1123@aol.com FTB3 NY 66-67 617G
(*)Carlin William A 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 12/26/2010]
(*)Capuano Pasquale 617
Carr Kevin kpcarr@me.com STS2 84-86 617G
Carso Bob robertcarso52@gmail.com MM1 76-78 617G
(*)Carson John E FTB MD 69-75 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 3/22/2024]
Carter Robert R (Russ)   carterrr1@comcast.com IC CO  71-73 617G
Cash Robert A (Johnny)  bobjohncash@msn.com ETN2 WA 62-65(P) 617B
Casteen Danny Danny.Casteen@va.gov MM1 84-88 617B
(*)Cates Thomas H (Tom) MM2 62-64(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 1/1/2020]
(*)Catron A DeWayne dewayne6@aol.com ET TX 63-67 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 10/10/2018]
Cernoch Daniel J  dan cernoch@lycos.com ETN NY 76-77 617G
Chace Charlie (Smily)  charliechace@yahoo.com MM2 MA 69-71 617B
(*)Chapin Harland Walter 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 11/20/1983]
Chaplin Lester (Rocky) lchaplin@bellsouth.net RM   617
(*)Chapman Walter W ET1 62(P) 617G [ETERNAL PATROL]
Chappell E W (Chap)  chap@cpi.com Officer VA 1966 617
Chappell Joseph E  joyce8589@earthlink.net TM CT 71-72 617
Chard Warren Wm musmilhist@yahoo.com SK2 64-67 617B
Chavez Michael mchavez1954@gmail.com ET1 73-77 617B
(*)Christman Robert (Bob) EM NY 76-80 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 12/5/2019]
Chun Leo 83-87 617B
(*)Ciavarro Joe (Rocco) joerocco617@yahoo.com MM2 83-87 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 2/13/2017]
Clark James  gsplex1@yahoo.com STC 62(P) 617B
Clark Ronald  rclark24@neo.rr.com MT PA 79-83 617B
(*) Cleal Steven  Officer VA  70-72 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 7/20/2009]
Clifford Anton F   AntonClifford@comcast.net RM2 GA   90-93 617G
Clive David  dmclive@aol.com MM  years 617B
Cobb Michael  mikecobb@home.com STS CA years 617G
Cobb Tony tcobb@tds.net MM 82-86 617B
Coffey Dwayne  urstin@aol.com ET 79-82 617G
Cogswell Pete  petecogswell@gmail.com Officer 76-78 617B
Cohen Michael  mike775954@aol.com Midshipman VA 1970 617G
Colby Todd  tcolby31@yahoo.com TM SD  90-92 617
Collette Royal  royaljr@yahoo.com LT VA  617G
Collier J Seth  IC1 FL   62(P) 617B
Combs Richard E CS FL 62-64(P) 617B
Comstock Pete ET2 CA 64-67 617G
Conatser George gdc1gdc1@hotmail.com MM3 SD  80-85 617G
(*)Connell Tommy Lee MM 81-82 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 11/28/2015]
Connors William   connors4@optonline.net PN2   78-81 617G
Conrad Richard W sparkrc@comcast.net RM1 83-90-617G
Conwell Cary  cary.conwell@wellsfargo.com MM TX  617G
Cook Douglas H Cook.Douglas.H@gmail.com 617
Cook Jim jimcook49@gmail.com MT GA 69-72 617G
Cook Ken kpcookjr53@gmail.com 617
Cooper J L RM1 62(P) 617B
Coppa Anthony acoppa@exeloncorp.com LT PA 83-85 617B
Corcoran Stephen I  stephenjcorcoran@gmail.com MT3 WA 89-91 617
(*)Corrigan Tom R EMC 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL]
Cortell Jim  brutusrg@surewest.net ET CA 68-70 617B
Courtois Bruno   bcourtois@sbcglobal.net QM3 80-82 617G
Cose Jim  amstar@naxs.net FT TN 81-84 617G
Cotten Rodney rodneyc3@yahoo.com MD  78-79 617G
Cotton Greg  gregc02@gmail.com STS MN 68-69 617G
(*)Cousins Charles M (Chuck) IC1 OH 62(P) 617B[ETERNAL PATROL 2011]
Cowper Stuart J   scowper2@juno.com  STS years 617G
Crutchfield Dave;  dcrutchfield@crutchfieldlaw.net   70-73 617G
Craig Charles;  stewburner51@cox.net   years 617
(*)Crandall Dave 70-71 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 5/20/2017]
(*)Crawford David C RMC 91-93 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 7/13/2015]
(*)Crawford Gary L MT FL 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 8/17/2012]
Creamer Francis J (Jim) divingdog@verizon.net QM2 RI 73-78 617B
Crider Michael   michaelcrider@starband.net  ET 89-92 617B
Criess Les  lcriess@nwinet.com STS WA 70-77 617BG 
Cullen Frank  ariel26@cox.net TM VA 66-70 617B 
Cummins A W STS2 62(P) 617B
Cunningham M J SA 62(P) 617B
Curlee William (Bill)   Bill327@msn.com FTG2  77-80 617B
Currier G L SN 62(P) 617B
Curry Edwin   curry.clan@prodigy.net MM  90-92 617
Czapleski Thomas (Tom) tomczapleski@att.net ETC FL 617B
Dale Roy mainesolarandwind@hotmail.com 90-93 617G
Damm Joe   joedamm@comcast.net   years 617
Danielsen Allan (Buzz) allin1965@pbtcomm.net ETN2 SC 64-69 617G
(*_)Danley Charles L (Charlie) EN2 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL]
Darby Gegory years 617
Darvell Joseph (Joe) STS3 68-70 617
(*)Davis Darryl Wayne [ETERNAL PATROL 8/31/2013]
Davis James   jcadavis@gmail.com  IC 74-76 MA 617
(*)Davis John Alan [ETERNAL PATROL 12/30/2016]
Dawson Brad  dawsonbh@worldnet.att.net MM1 CT 83-87 617B
(*)Dawson D M QM2 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 5/30/2013]
Day Don  donday.tx@gmail.com ET TX 80-84 617G
Day Gary  garyjm3617@gmail.com ET 77-80 617B
De la Bruere Kevin  delakevi@juno.com MM  88-90 617G
Deason Jeff  deason1313@bellsouth.net EM3  87-91 617G
DeBeauvernet Mike  debeauvernet@adelphia.net STS CT 617G
(*)Decker Dennis J YN3 62 617G(P)[ETERNAL PATROL 8/14/2014]
Dehnert W M Jr QM2 62(P) 617B
Delpriori Andy 617
(*) Demitchell Bernard H TM3 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 1980's]
Dempster Alan adpopsmurf@aol.com QM FL 62-66(P) 617G
Deneka John T jdeneka@ebmail.gdeb.com RM CT 78-82 617B
Dennis Ron  ftcmss@digital.net FT  FL years 617G
DePugh John  jcdep52@verison.net QM NY 84-86 617B
(*)Desmet William C (Bill) ENC 62 617G(P) [ETERNAL PATROL]
(*)Dewar Robert A (Li'l Andy) 343ftss@gmail.com FTG  FL 68-69 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 8/27/2020
Dewhirst G H LTJG 62(P) 617B
Diamond M 'H' MM3 62(P) 617B
(*)Dick Theodore G (Ted) ICC 62-64(P) 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 12/10/2015]
DiEmidio Rick (Ricky) bdiemidio1@comcast.net MM2 PA 79-83 617G
Dies Donal donaldies@netscape.net   MM 70-72 617B
Diesi Jerry (DC) adiesi@gmavt.net   FTB VT 74-79 617G
Dill Steven E stevendill@msn.com ETN KY 73-75 617G
DiSalvo FTG1 90-92 617
(*)Diss James [ETERNAL PATROL]
Dixon Robert (Dixie)  bdixon1@nycap.rr.com CS NY 62-67(P) 617
Dodd Erik  erik_c_dodd@amat.com MM CA 91-93 617
Dodson Keith R krdodson@hotmail.com EM WA 86-91 617B
Dodson Virgil (Virg) virgdodson@gmail.com MM1 NC 88-89 617B
Doggett Richard (Joe) doggettmj@msn.com   TM WA 81-89 617G
Doherty Patrick (Pat) pdoherty@suffolk.lib.ny.us MM NY 1988 
Dominy Richard (Rich) rdominy120@aol.com MM1 65-69 617BG 
Donnelly Derek  derekdd30@gmail.com STS  83-84 617B
Doucette David ddoucette1943@hotmail.com CS3 FL 62-66(P) 617G
(*)Douville Thomas A. (T) MT 89-92 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 3/21/21]
Downard Leroy E ledownard@gmail.com EN1 62(P) 617B
Downs David lida1982@netscape.net STS FL 82-86 617
Doyle W J LT 62(P) 617B
Dresser Mark marksdresser@gmail.com ET 88-91 GA 617B
Drexler Christopher (Chris)   chrisdawn@mhcable.com QM 80-84 617G
(*)Duer Andrew (Andy) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL]
Duffus R.Scott (The Duff)  scottduffus@snet.net MM CT 76-80 617G
Dulin John  john.dulin@ps.net LTJG FL 70-72 617G
Dunbar Ken  kdunbar52@yahoo.com FTB TX 74-79 617B
Duncan Gary  euchre66@verizon.net 85-92 617
(*)Dunlap Douglas B QM2 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 6/30/2008]
(*)Dunn Doug S QMCS (COB) 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL]
Duprey Rolland rwduprey@mint.net 79-81 617B
(*)Durham Donald W EN1 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL]
Dutka Dave ddutka2005@yahoo.com MM1 CT 67-70 617G
Dvorchak R J ETR3 62(P) 617B
(*)Dyer Gregory Paul 617B [Eternal Patrol 3/5/2018]
(*)Easterling Kenneth R ETC 62 617G(P) [ETERNAL PATROL 5/12/1997]
(*)Edwards John R MM1 62 617G(P) [ETERNAL PATROL]
Ehnot Michael EM1 83-86 617B
Eichhorn Fred W subvetfred@gmail.com MT2 PA 62-67(P) 617B
(*)Eisenmann Ronald R MMC 67-69 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 12/12/2022]
Eldred Vernon (Vern) vern.eldred@sbcglobal.net MS3 76-79 617G
Ellerbrock Ingo ingo_ellerbrock@hotmail.com ET SC 83-88 617G
Elliott Thomas G tgelliott6@aol.com YN NC 68-69 617B
Ellis Carl D carldellis@hotmail.com EM PA 67-70 617G
(*)Emmerson Charles W ET1 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL]
(*)Emmons Wayne C MM CT 67-70 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 9/16/2020]
(*)Endres Edward D (Ed) YN3 62-64(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 10/6/2023]
Engebretson Terry  tm2ss_56308@yahoo.com TM MN years 617B
(*)Engelke Dr. Harold A LCDR 64-65 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 1/4/2007]
Erber Mark G merber@umich.edu HN MI 1983 617B
Evans Dave  devans@terranet.net FTB KS years 617G
Fairchild David  dgfair@umich.edu FTB 78-80 617G
Feine Mark  mfeine@gate.net MM GA years  617G
Fellows Bruce W  bfellows@isd.net FTM3 MN 62-66(P) 617B
Fennell Sterling E  mr.fixit.sf@gmail.com QM2 86-89 617B
Fensic Jack  jhgenjr@locl.net STS IN  88-92 617
Fenske Jerry jafenske@aol.com ET2 1972 617G
Ferguson Bob  bob.ferguson3624@yahoo.com MM 81-86 617B
Fernandez Wayne J  captainwjfernandez@yahoo.com Officer FL  617B
(*)Ferraioli James F YN1 NY 78-82 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 12/20/2018]
Ferreria Michael J (Doc) catfishnrn@aol.com HM1 CA 75-78 617G
Fetters James R Jr  jamesfetters@comcast.net RMC 67 617G 
(*)Fickeissen Karl O Jr ETR2 NJ 62-66(p0 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 3/31/2022]
Figueroa George (Fig) georgeinjax@gmail.com MM2 84-88 617B
Fincalero Pedro K Jr   fincaleropk@navair.navy.mil  YN 85-89 NJ 617
Findley Jim  jim.findley@bartoncotton.com TM PA 617B
Finley Robert S  bob.finley.usn@gmail.com EM HI 76-79 617G
Fischer Dave fischerda2@gmail.com IC 75-79 617B
Fisher D K RM1 62(P) 617B
Fisher James (Jim) gamycam122@ MM 69-71 617G
(*)Fisher Robert W SC 63-65 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 1/26/2015]
Fisher Shane M  shanefisher1@yahoo.com MM WA 90-91 
Fitzgerald Kevin (Fitz) baidshire@Excite.com QM GA 76-80 617B
Flint Jerry P mcflint@msn.com EM OH  72-76 617G
Flodin Erik  eflodin@sprintmail.com  AZ 73-78 617B
Flynn Patrick  PJFlynnCET@aol.com MS PA years 617
Flynn Robert wenrobtes@gmail.com MM1 80-83 617
Foraker Myrle (Sonny) s-gforaker@comcast.net MM1 FL 69-71 617G
Forlano Joe  josportz@aol.com MS 74-76 617B
Frair Larry G skylar@jas.net MM TX 71-76 617G
Francis John Paul (JP) k4mol1234@gmail.com RM2 TN 62-65(P) 617G
Fraser Bill   wf7718@yahoo.com ETN  62-67(P) 617G
Freels Joe H  joefreels@att.net SK TN 617
Friedley Steve (Diamond)   friedleys@aol.com QM WA  91-92 617
Friedman Marcus V CDR (CO)78-82 617B
Frisch Thomas tomfrisch@carolina.rr.com MT NC 63-67 617G
Fulgueras R A SD1 62(P) 617B
(*)Fuller Richard 62(P) [ETERNAL PATROL]
Fullington Kris  5094@camcomp.com EM GA years 617
Funkhouser Dan E   funk644@msn.com  EM 73-74 MI 617
(*)Fuqua James R CDR (CO) Jr 75-78 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 7/10/2022]
Gagnon Peter  upphins@yahoo.com  QM2 MA 81-84 617B
Gable Charles (Chuck) Chuckgable@aol.com ET SC 76-79 617G
Galante Ron  rongalante@aol.com TM3 TN 63-65 617G
Gallagher George  ggall@homesc.com IC  617G
(*)Gannetta Michael E MT 83-86 617B
Garrett Douglas  dg35@daimlerchrysler.com MI 88-91 617
(*)Garrison Jim 617 [ETERNAL PATROL]
Garner Roy  roy.garner@me.com  ET AR 70-78 617B
Garvey William 617
Gaunt Ron ronegaunt@msn.com MM2 80-82 617B
Gautsch Harry (Butch) harrytbutchg@aol.com MMC FL 69-75 617G
Gebhardt L P CDR (CO) 81-86 617G
Geiger Joseph hobiejoe99@gmail.com QM2 SC  63-64(P) 617G
(*)Geng John (Jack) STS2 HI 65-69 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 2/29/2024]
(*)Gerow James 617 [ETERNAL PATROL]
(*)Gleason Leslie STS CO 64-67 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 11/28/2022
Gibson Gary  popig@dejazzd.com ET1 PA 68-70 617B
Gibson Roger  rgibson87@sc.rr.com IC SC 62-70(P) 617G
(*)Gilbert LeRoy L IC1 NJ 62-64(P) 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 7/3/2020]
(*)Gilfilian William ICC 62(P) 617G [ETERNAL PATROL]
Gill George L ggill@leeclerk.org ETR3 FL 62-67(P) 617B
Gill James M  cstsscableking@msn.com 617
Gillaspie Bob  tobobg@yahoo.com ETN FL 1962(P) 617G
Gilles James R gilles@desupernet.net MM PA 74-79 617G
(*)Godfrey Donald Lee ET2 NC 67-68 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 1/19/2019]
Golden Rich  bboat53@aol.com STS CT 79-84 617G
Golly John  golly4@aol.com TM2 65-66 617
Gonzalez Joe joeg1@cfl.rr.com   MT FL 80-84 617G
Gooch Thomas (Tommy) 1976 617G
Goodwin James LT VA 63-66(P) 617G
Gorham Sheldon (Lee)  Sheldongo@aol.com IC1   617G
Gould Paul W   Paulwgould@aol.com IC3 TX  62-64(P) 617B
Graff Chris (Rebo) chrisgraff617@gmail.com ETN2 68-73 617G
Graham Kelly (Red) gramzee1951@yahoo.com QM3 AZ 70-73 617G
(*)Graver James  ET WV  1962(P)617B [ETERNAL PATROL 11/23/2017]
Graves James Lee Jimgraves51@yahoo.com MT GA 81-83 617
(*)Greene Charles (Chuck) MM2 67-69 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 7/30/2022]
Greene C R LT (MPA) 62(P) 617B
Greene John SC 617
Greene Michael  mike.k.greene@gmail.com STS   85-90 617GB
(*)Greenwall Robert (Greene) FTB2 MS 72-75 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 10/12/2020]
Gregory Glenn (Rev)  pangent@xmission.com ETN2 UT 78-81 617
Grimme Bill  bill.grimme@bigfoot.com ET AL years 617
Grissom Kelly (Greasy)  Wgrissom@cox.net STS  70-73 617G
Groshart Larry  groshartl@earthlink.net STS   617G
Groth John C  joanandjohn8748@att.net LCDR  71-76 617GB
Grutsch Thomas ahyfrog@gmail.com YN MI 75-78 617G
Guertin Marc A  dayemarc@worldnet.att.net ET2   84-86 617B
Gunn Neal nealgunn31@gmail.com MM1 73-77 617
Gunn Ronald A  rongunn2002@yahoo.com MM NH 66-67 617B
(*)Guziak Joseph TM2 FL 70-76 617BG [ETERNAL PATROL 10/16/2023]
Habhegger Dean  habhegx15@ssbn-617.com MM1 MN 67-71 617G
Hagerman John  jhagerman@neo.rr.com ET  69-71 617G
Hagstrom Ronald hagstromr@gmail.com YN3 75-77 617G
(*)Haines William B FTG1 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 3/27/2014]
Hajny Raymond  mmchajny@aol.com TM CT 85-86 617
Haley Stephen T s.t.haley@att.net SN 83-84 617G
(*)Haliday George CDR 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 8/1/2011]
(*)Hall George Robert (Bob) EM AP 64-67 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 9/30/2007]
Hall Lon  leehall48@hotmail.com STS   617G
Hall Stuart (Buddy) buddyinstl@gmail.com RM MO 76-78 617G
Hall William (Tom)  w.t.hall@comcast.net IC WA 88-90 617
Hallaj Ibrahim  ihallaj@intrinsiclaw.com EM1 MA 89-91 617B
Halpin Brian  bhal@trip.net   83-86 617B
(*)Hammon Robert (Bob) ST1 1962(P)617 [Eternal Patrol]
Hammond Barry L bhammond2006@yahoo.com RM GA 84-86 617B
(*)Hammond Michael John (Charleston)617G [Eternal Patrol]
Hand Ron  rhandz@aol.com TM  74-75 617G
(*)Haney Doug RM3 CA 65-69 617G[ETERNAL PATROL 11/18/2021]
Haney Tony FTCM 617B
Hanniford John  kat-sue@home.com EN CT 617G
Hanley Kevin  hanleyav3@verizon.net ETN2 FL  617G
Hansen Erik R  eric.r.hansen@navy.mil 81-83 617G
Harding Bob xdlmbob@outlook.com FTB GA 71-76 617G
Harding R M CDR (CO) 89-92 617B & Consolidated Crew CO
Hardt L C MM3 62(P) 617B
(*)Harmon Larry QM1 GA 65 617BG [Eternal Patrol]
Harold Richard A raharold1@yahoo.com ETN2 PA 62-66(P) 617G
Harrell William (Swampy)  bh1156@aol.com EN1 64-69 617B
Harrington Mike  henry_harrington@yahoo.com MM 83-85 617B
Harrington Robert (Bob) MM 69-71 617G
Harris Dana  dharris.submariner@yahoo.com MT ME 80-85 617G
Harris Mike   myangelz2@aol.com  IC 88-90 KY 617
(*)Harris Richard A LCDR (ENG) 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL]
Harrison Sid  sidm@slic.com ET NY 65-69 617G
Harriss D J LT 62(P) 617B
(*)Hartman Harry 617 [ETERNAL PATROL]
Harvey Jeffrey (Harv) harveyj001@hawaii.rr.com ET  91-93 
Harvison Larry  rmcssubs@comcast.net RM CT 81-82 617G
(*)Harwi William Clark LTjg 1963(P) 617G [Eternal Patrol USS Scorpion 5/22/1968]
Hashbarger N W FTM2 62(P) 617B
Hawkins Keith (Hawkeye) khawk50@aol.com MM VA 71-75 617B
Hayes Scott T s608301@aol.com MT3 NY 81-84 617B
(*)Hayes John MM 617 [Eternal Patrol]
(*)Heasley Jim     68-70 617B [Eternal Patrol 9/26/2008]
(*)Hedgecoth Alfred RM 65-69 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 12/5/2000]
Heins Paul (Zippy) next50@hotmail.com MT2 79-81 617B
(*)Heitzenrater Gene MM MI 78-82 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 9/11/2017]
Heldingsfelder Alan  bethanysoma@aol.com EM1 TX 76-80 617B
Hendricks Charlie (Doc) HMC 64-65 617G
Henning D A MT3 62(P) 617B
Henry Mark  m.henry@earthlink.net ET2 NY 84-86 617G
Hernandez Henry (Beaner) HHerna1995@aol.com TM CA 79-81 617B
(*)Hess R C STS2 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 3/8/2017]
Heuberger Nathan inuse1956@aol.com LT FL 63-66 617G
(*)Hibbard James D  TM1 FL  62-64(P) 617B<[ETERNAL PATROL 7/28/2016]/b>
Hickman James (Jim) jamesehickman@bellsouth.net MM MS 71-76 617B
Hicks William (Bill) wthicks@verizon.net LT 78-81 617G
Hill Douglas L doug.hill@imfb.navy.mil ET WA 77-79 617G
Hillman Les R kc7pre@aol.com ETC AZ 62(P) 617B
Hines Randall L randog35@comcast.net HN NJ 84-85 617B
Hirschkowitz Marty   SUBGUYHZ@gmail.com Officer CT 89-91 617G
Hirt Kenneth  hirt@galaxyinternet.net EM CT 80-84 617
Hoeffler L C MMC 62(P)617B
(*)Holcomb Don ET WI 1962(P)617G [ETERNAL PATROL 5/15/2006]
Holman Jim  toolman@sc.rr.com ET  69-75 617BG
Holmes Jim  holmes3@bangornews.infi.net EM ME years 617
(*)Holt Jack 617 [ETERNAL PATROL]
Holtzworth Dave  holtzworth@sbcglobal.net MS CT 89-91 617G
Hooker Fred Jr fredmhookerjr@aol.com MM 617
Hoopes Chris  chrish9@suddenlink.net EM 88-91 617G
Hopkins Robert (Hoppy)  robert.hopkins@ncmail.net YN NC 77-78 617B
Hoppper Thomas 617 [ETERNAL PATROL]
Hord J Mark (Ivan Hordavich) j.mark.hord@gmail.com MT MO  79-83 617G
Horne Michael (Chief)   617
Horvath J R CSC 62(P) 617B
Hottinger Bill (RHA Jr)  mmcrwe@yahoo.com MM CT 80-83 617
Houf Bob  k7zbob@gmail.com MT AZ years 617G
Houley William (Bill) P williamhouley@gmail.com LT (Weps)  65-67 617G
Houfek Harold D  houfek@aol.com TM2  62(P) 617B
Houston Bill  whouston@mindspring.com EM MA 74-76 617B
Howard Alan (Howie) ahowardfamily@prodigy.net MM WA 84-89 617G
Howard Tom   lakenut@comcast.net MM AZ  88-93 617B
Hubbard Dave (Hub)   goldwing_78@yahoo.com IC TX  Years & years 617G&B
Huffman Ronald   r_d_huffman@hotmail.com QM IA  62-65/71(P) 617G&B
Hughes Michael mhughes58@charter.net MM1 CT 89-91 617
Hughes Russell (Sluggo) russkathi@yahoo.com IC WA 81-83 617B
Hughes Trevor trevor1hughes@cs.com MM 62-67(P) 617G Plankowner
Hughes William C bhughes63@aol.com LT CA 68-70 617G Engineer
Hull David A  boxpox2@aol.com EM1 NY 63(P) 617B
Hungerford Stan R EN1 CT 62-65(P) 617B
Hunt S K (Ted) skh617@comcast.net MT 617G
Hurley Mitch   warrenliquor@juno.com  73-80 617B
Huston Gary  g-huston@email.msn.com    617
(*) Iaquinto Thomas YN2 67-69 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 4/7/2009]
(*) Inman Stephen H MM 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 9/8/2006]
Intemann Tom tintemann@thrupoint.net  91-93 617G
Isaacs Stephen (Snoop)  eichenlaub@desertgate.com FTB NM 88-91 617G
Jablonski Kenan M  kenan.jablonski@aventis.com QM 84-88 617B 
Jackson James H. jacksons@soark.net RM AR  1972 617B
Jacobs David fishook666@gmail.com MS3 81-84 617
Jacobs Don  *drjacobs@mail.snet.net IC CT years 617
(*)Jacobs Rick  LT GA 73-77 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 12/27/2023]
Jacobson Edward L  jacobsn@frontiernet.net TM2 IA 62-66(P) 617B
Jankowski Stan  stanley.jankowski@gd-ais.com CT 82-86 617
James R H TM1 62(P) 617B
(*)Jantz Michael  LT CA 70-75 617BG [ETERNAL PATROL 8/22/2008]
Jarrett Andrew C LT years 617
Jensen Steve  kaneohesj@aol.com Chaplin HI 1980 617G
Joaquin Tom  tej999@gmail.com Officer MA 82-84 617B
Johnsen Bruce   bruce.johnsen@cmpco.com MT ME  79-82 617G
Johnson Arnold arniejohnson@live.com EM1 MN 65-67 617G
Johnson B E PN3 62(P) 617B
Johnson Bob  bjandb@bloomnet.com ST NB  617
Johnson Bruce   Bruce.Johnsen@cmpco.com 617
Johnson Dale   Dale.Johnson2@aps.com LT   71-75 617G
Johnson Phil   philmarcus2001@yahoo.com TM3   81-84 617B
Johnson Todd RM3 88-89 617B
Johnston Brad (Garfield) bradrjohnston@juno.com ET CT 88-91 617B
Johnston Mike    mikejohnston617@hotmail.com Officer WA  72-75 617B
(*)Jones David (Davey) EN2 SC 69-70 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 1/26/2020]
(*)Jones Gary MTC WA 76-80 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 10/29/2008]
Jones Hugh 617
Jones Scott  arcadian@bellsouth.net EM IN  76-81 617B
Jones Thomas (Tom) tomhj@msn.com LT   65-69 617B
Jung Bernard (BJ) bjung64@aol.com MM 86-90 617GB
(*)Jungblut Carl (Doc) HM2 MI 64-66 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 2/5/2011]
Kadlecik Ron  ronmk@snet.net FT CT 62-68(P) 617G
Kalmbach Kevin (Clambake) ssbn617gold@gmail.com EM MD 82-86 617G
Kammer Charlie (Weird Charlie)  charlie25701@yahoo.com QM3 WV 67-70 617BG
Karper David ET1 79 617G
Kashar Marc marc-kathykashar@sbcglobal.net ET1 78-79 617B
Kassel Mitch  mjkassel@hotmail.com QM NY 79-83 617B
Keller Burlyn L (Bud)  burlyn@together.net ETR3 VT  62-65(P) 617B
(*) Keller John G EM1 69-71 617G [Eternal Patrol 4-16-2007]
(*)Keirns Lewis (Kevin) MM 90-93 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 7/14/2014]
Keith Dean FTB1 deankeith1@gmail.com 84-87 617
Kelly Graham (Red) gramzee1951@yahoo.com QM3 70-72 617G
Kelly James P Jr jpk159@webtv.net LT CA 62-63(P) 617B
Kendall Conrad R  crkendall@aol.com TM  62-64(P) 617G
Kendrick J A Jr FN 62(P) 617B
Kennedy Harry G  wandl55@comcast.net LT MC 63-64 617G
(*)Kennedy Ralph A ENC CT 62-65(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 5/2005]
(*)Kennish James R (Jim) LT 75-77 617G [Eternal Patrol 9-23-2007]
Kepler John (Jack) D II joanlk5@comcast.net TM3 CT 62-68(P) 617B
Kerr William (Bill)  bdkerr@earthlink.net MMC UT   64-71 74-78 617BG
Kieser Alan adkieser@wavecable.com STS WA 88-92 617B
Kilcoyne Kevin kilcoynekw@ieee.org 75-79 617G
(*)Kildoo Don 617 [ETERNAL PATROL]
(*)Kilmer Gene  ET 76-80 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 12/18/23]
Kimpel Jim  Hamiltonblue@verizon.net STS PA 81-85 617B
(*)Kinert John (Jack) LCDR 67-69 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 4-25-2003] CO Blue Crew
Kincaid Kevin  dylan@netins.net HM IA years 617G
Kingston Dewey (Dewster) gail.kingston@pop.snet.net FTG CT 85-86 617B
Kiplinger Eddie  ejjkip16@aol.com EM VA years 617
Kirkpatrick David E  davidellery2@hotmail.com QM DC 66-69 617G
Kipp Doug  captkipp@intrastar.net MT TX 81-82 617G
Kiser Robert E  bkiser@idomail.net STS2 OR 70-72 617B
Kisor Jay jaykisor@cs.com   MT FL 77-80 617G
Kittrell Ben Jr   benkitt@comcast.net Officer AL  89-92 617
Kline Jeffrey  tools4me@cox.net MT2 years 617B
Kluge Kevin  kevink87@hotmail.com ET CT years 617B
Klungler Hugo (Budd) bklungler@yahoo.com MT MI 78-80 617G
Klunk Michael A chiefklink@comcast.net YN PA 88-92 617GB
Knudtzon George audax@gotsky.com 617
Knutson Joe  jknutson@snet.net SK CT 617B
Knapp Dan  knappd@mindspring.com ET FL 65-67 617B
Kobielusz Robert (Bob)   kobielusz@bresnan.net IC 74-77 WY 617B
Koehler Thomas  tkoehler@nevcogen.com MM1 67-70 617G
(*)Koenig Fredrick R IC 1972 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 8/26/2022]
Kofron Joel  jjkofron@att.net MM IL 78-81 617B
(*)Kolar Michael J LT 65 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 5/4/2015]
Konicki F P ST1 62(P) 617B
Koogler Jim (Clutch) clutch617@gmail.com TM2 OH  68-70 617B
Koonce David (Krusher) dk9143@peoplepc.com MM 90-92 617
Koslouski Francis P (Ski) EN2 MA 62-64(P) 617B
(*)Kozielski Tom (Kozie) FL 68-69 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 1/2014]
Krantz Verlon (Vern) vkrantz@twlakes.net CS 70-72 617G
Kraydich Walter (Skip) Jr skip2945@wowway.com EM MI 67-70 617B
(*)Kriner Terry L EM1 PA 62-66(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 6/8/2023
Krivitza Alexander J ajkrivitza@aol.com IC FL years 617G
Krohn C Fredrik    maliktos@yahoo.com ET1 74-85 617G
Kroll Thomas   mscss95@cs.com 
(*)Kronauge Jeffery EMC 617B [ETERNAL PATROL]
Kruger Bill bksbill@aol.com EM 70-73 617B
Kugel Elliott Ekugel82@gmail.com LT NJ 83-86 617B
Kugler Joseph E    ace 1964@aol.com   QM 85-88 617G
Kutcher John Jr  jjjkutch@optonline.net 75-77 617B
(*)Kutzleb Fred (Whitey) Jr RM1 NY 64-69 617B [Eternal Patrol 8-12-2012]
LaCourse Gerard (Jerry)  lacourse@eastky.net ET WV 82-85 617B
LaDuca Tommy MM2 LADUCA50@GMAIL.COM 75-79 617G
(*)Lahti Lawrence 617 [ETERNAL PATROL]
LaManna Jay  kngjay@aol.com MM CT 1983 617
Lambert David L dllamber@bellsouth.net LT 79-83 617G
(*)Lamont John MT MA 83-85 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 4/30/2017]
(*)Lancaster Dave YN2 1965 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 12/13/2018]
Landau Harry  landauh@unitech-tsd.com Officer VA years 617G
Landers Mike mike.landers4@verizon.net LTJG 74-77 617G
Lang Rob   roblang@linkline.com   RM 79-82 617B
LaPoint Robert (Bob) blapoint39@gmail.com IC2 85-89 617B
(*)LaPointe Clark (Ed) ICC SC 62-66(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 2012]
(*)LaRose Michael STSC CT 77-81 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 1/24/2015]
(*)Larrison Larry (Doc) HMC 68-69 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 5/27/2014]
Larsen Eric  uffdael@gmail.com TM 63-67 617B
Larson Mark   imxsquid@earthlink.net  years 617G
Last Scott  scottlast@gmail.com ET 67-72 617B
Lavender W L EN2 62(P) 617B
(*)Law Paul (Legs) MMC VA 82-86 617BG [ETERNAL PATROL 4/12/2009]
Lawrence Fred (Steady Freddy) fkldiver2001@yahoo.com STS NH 82-86 617BG
(*)Lawrence Kent B LT 1965 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 12/12/2022]
Lawrence Russ mailto:russ.lawrence.rjbrk@gmail.com ET2 GA 87-90 617B
LeCroy Robert E robertl@vol.com ST  70-74 617G
(*)Lee Lonnie Ray QMC 68-71 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 11/26/2014]
(*)Lee Robert W (Bob) 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 4/12/2009]
(*)Leers John  jleers1168@wowway.com YNC OH 70-72 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 10/3/2018]
Legier Edward  elegier@charter.net NV 75-78 617B
LeHerissier Bill   bidole31@cox.net  79-82 RI 617G
(*)Leighty David A cherubco@att.net MM PA 77-82 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 11/29/2016]
(*)Lemerlin James (Purple Durple) YN1 CT 67-69 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 3/17/2006]
Lennox H W HMC 62(P) 617B
Leppla Chuck  UVQP40A@prodigy.com FT FL years 617G
Lewis William (Bill)  billdachef@hotmail.com MS2 OH 617G
Lewis Fredrick  flewis9375@aol.com QM CT 90-92 617G
Lewis Joe  1981 617
Licklider James licklider_james_l@sbcglobal.net TM1 CT 77-82 617G
Liddington Gary (Shorty) gliddington@tds.net TM2 TN 68-70 617G
(*)Liddon Victor J 617 [Eternal Patrol 7/18/2013]
Liepke Mark (Efritzz) markliepke@yahoo.com MT NY 79-82 617G
Linn William (Bill) bill.margie@yahoo.com TM2 WA 70-73 617G
Linton Glenn W seadog617@yahoo.com EM 77-80 617
Lisk Donald 83-86 617B
(*)Lisle George LCDR SC 617G [Eternal Patrol 11/6/2009]
Little David  davidl16@home.com ET SC years 617
Little Mike  m.m.little@larc.nasa.gov VA 617B
Littlejohn Bob (Bob) lj5@usamedia.TV LT CA 82-86 
(*)Lloyd Dale A IC1 62(P) 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 6/2013]
(*)Loeffler Donald J MM 1982 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 3/11/2022]
Loewenhardt H H EN1 62(P) 617B
Locklin Bruce blocklin@rochester.rr.com 617
Loftus Rick (Gramps)   rick3937@aol.com  RM 81-84 MD 617G
Long Keith Michael (Howie)  keith.long@stoltoffshore.cc FT 89-93 617
Longacher D 617
Lopez Ernie Cobssn661@gmail.com RM1 1980 617G
Lori David  dlori99flh@aol.com MA 617
(*)Losure Edward R LT SC 1970 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 12/15/2003]
(*)Lovejoy Paul LTJG 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 5/12/2011]
Lovell Ronald QM 70-75 617G
Lovin Michael  EM1 CN 67-70 617G
Lowe Bill  w.lowe@bridge.bellsouth.com IC NC 66-68 617
Lozano J TM1 62(P) 617B
Ludlam Gregg (Lud) gmrocket@southport.net ET NC 86-88 
Lukens Robert  rtlukens@worldnet.att.net ET CT years 617B
Lumb Arthur P hootsie10@aol.com SK CT 89-90 617
(*)Luntsford Jack E EN1 62 617G [ETERNAL PATROL VIETNAM 7/1/1969]
Luther Ralph (Luke) rluther@bellsouth.net MM SC  617G
Luton James E  EMC 62-63(P) 617B
(*)Lyon Harvey CDR (CO) 66-67 617B [ETERNAL PATROL]
(*)MacFayden Bruce A LCDR 78-81 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 7/9/2012]
Machulis Bob  rpk1248@copper.net ET SC years 617G
(*)MacKinnon John (Jack) CDR CA 63-66(P) 617BG(p) [ETERNAL PATROL 11/22/19]
MacNamee David MM2 submariner755@icloud.com 80-84 617G
Malony Rob  rob_malony@merck.com ET PA 83-86 617B
(*)Malonzo Cezar (Rudy) MS 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 6/25/2017}
(*)Manthey Mark W RM3 1978 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 7/21/1978]
(*)Maples Andrew N (Andy) CS SC 70-72 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 12/19/2019]
(*)Markley Stewart ET CT 72-75 617BG [ETERNAL PATROL 9/4/2021]
Markstrom Thomas tom.markstrom@titan.com MT2 79-81 617B
Marlar Tarry  tarrymarlar@msn.com RM 76-80 617G
Martin Mark A dsvman@aol.com  MS 75-77 617
Martin Robert  tnjodim@chartertn.net TM  70-75 617B
Martinson Guy  BNG705@q.com MM1 NM  90-93 617
Martinez Bruce  martinezbw@npt.nuwc.navy.mil ET  81-85 617G
Martinez Ricardo  rjmartinez17@hotmail.com   81-84 617G
Mascheri Jason  og_hitmaster_1987@yahoo.com QM3 89-93 617
Masishin Mike  mikemasi@verizon.net QM PA 70-72 617G
Mason Russell S  masonc002@hawaii.rr.com SA HI 1985 617B
Matile Ron  (Matt) matile_ronald@vsebavcom MM  65-72 617G
(*)Matheus John FT 65-67 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 11/17/2005]
Matthews Carl  cigotcha@centurylink.net ET SC 67-71 617G
Maurer Bill  dockate@msn.com   89-91 617
Maurer Gerald (Jerry)  maurergj@juno.com   Officer 83-85 617G
(*)Maultsby Joseph D (Doug) TM1 62(P) 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 6/18/2014]
McAleer Patrick nbsp; patmac15@hotmail.com   FTB1 79-80 617B
McArtor Frank flmcartor@aol.com 617
McCarstle Richard W  waynes-world@hughes.net 62-66(P) 617G
McCarthy Bob  bmccarthy97@hotmail.com ET1 CA 75-78 617G
McCord Thomas  thomasmccord@msu.com MM 87-91 617
McCrea  ET2 77-80 617B
McCullough Jeff  jeffcm@juno.com MT WA 81-84 617G
McFarland Tim  mcfarlandt@pbworld.com FTC 87-89 617G
McGregor Patrick S  psmcgregor@netscape.net MM CT 85-90 617GB
McGuckin Brian  brian_mcguckin@crestwoodassociates.com Officer IL 617G
McHenry Walter Dale MS2 90-92 617
McIntosh Allen K ssbn617@protonmail.com MT 83-87 617B
McKeith Doug doug610@gmail.com MM CT 63-66 617G
(*)McLaughlin George A FN 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 3/5/2020]
McLaughlin Matt  mcl@rollanet.org MM MO years 617G
McLaughlin Richard (Mac)  extanker677@yahoo.com RM1 WA 78-81 617B
McLemore John A CheekyBugger5@cs.com MM VA 88-91 617G
McMinn Mike  mmcminn@sekotd.com MMC AR  70-75 617B
McNally N L MM2 62(P) 617B
McQuarrie John  john.mcquarrie@cox.com IC LA  85-89 617
(*)McWhorter Donald R SK3 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 3/3/2012]
Meeke M D ETR2 62(P) 617B
Meier Thomas (Tom)  tjmeie@me.com ET2 VA 81-84 617G
Meller Les  lmeller1@gmail.com MMC TX 83-84 617G
Mendenhall Corwin III CDR (CO)82-86 617B
Mercer William Charles II   dmercer@txucom.net  71-75 TX 617
(*)Merscher Frederick W MM 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 12/22/2020]
(*)Metzger Derald 73-76 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 5/22/2001]
Meyer Curtis (Curt) cmeyer01@verizon.net ETR1 NV 66-70 617BG
Meyer Robert  jcm332@aol.com MM 64-70 617G
Meyer Tim  MCrider36@aol.com MM NE 79-81 617B
Mileur James (Bud)james.mileur@gmail.com   MM2-MMC 80-85 617B
(*)Miley EN2 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 2/19/2012]
Milionta Tony tony.milionta@acsalaska.net   ET 77 617
Miller Charlie dadcheckmail@yahoo.com 69-71 617B
Miller David  djmnvplko@hotmail.com MS NV years  617B
(*)Miller Douglas (Wax) MT2 NY 66-69 617BG [ETERNAL PATROL 3/24/2024]
Miller Ed  miller.ed13@yahoo.com SK IL  68-71 617G
Miller Keith  millerkw@ncweb.com |ET OH years 617
Miller Loy  loy.miller@penpower.com  TN  617
Miller R D SKC 62(P) 617B
Miller Robert FTB1 79 617G
Miller Robert (Charlie)  charlie44@sc.rr.com IC SC  69-71 617B
(*)Miller Ronald MT PA 62-65(P) 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 1/15/2015]
Miller Stan stanmiller_ss_617@yahoo.com RM TX 75-77 617B
(*)Miller William CDR (CO) 67-70 617B & Overhaul CO [ETERNAL PATROL 9/28/2021]
Mittelstaedt Donald (Gunny) subsalr@lightblast.net EMC MT 76-80 617B
Moats J F QM2 62(P) 617B
Mock Robert  rmocksub@bellsouth.net ET GA years 617
Moe Norton (Moe) lumoe@msn.com SK WA 1980 617G
Moeller Peter (Pete) pamoeller@gmail.com ETR FL 68-71 617G
(*)Mohler Richard IC 64-67 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 4/5/2022]
Monk Mark ET1 82-82 617G
Moon Ronnie C (Moon) rcmoon617@hotmail.com MM3 SC 64-67 617B
Moore Danny C dvmoore2@comcast.net MM VA 64-67 617B
Moore Scott  vsmoore@snet.net EM CT 617G
Moran Lynn (Bugs) im_ralph_in_va2001@yahoo.com QM VA 69-71 
Moreno Mario  mscmoreno @aol.com MM CA 74-76 617G
(*)Morrison Robert M LCDR 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 8/18/2008]
Moser Joe  rdmoser@tampabay.rr.com YN 617B
Moscoe Brian mosc74@me.com 617
(*)Mueller David (No Neck) TM SC 65-72 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 9/28/2023]
Mulligan Charles (Charlie)  mulligan@bwtelcom.net MM 67-75 617G
(*)Munoz Anthony (Tony) SN 62-63 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 1/9/2018]
Murray George M  geomirmurr1963@hotmail.com MT1 VA   63-68 617B
Murray George N gnmurray@comcast.net MM    82-84 617B
Murray James (Jim) bigdog68270@att.net MM1 SC 65-69 617B
Murray Richard (Rick) murrayrf@earthlink.net FL 72-78 617G
Musser Bob  BobM@dbsinfo.com EM  82-86 617G
Myers Ed  emyers@techapps.com Officer  89-91 617G
(*)Mynhier Anthony (Tony) MM 84-86 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 7/3/1990]
Nardelli Michael  oldmn@rcn.com MM NY 71-72 617B
Narland Jerrold  chiefjer@aol.com MM IA 66-72 617B
Natrella Anthony   anatrella@aol.com ET2 NY 617B
Nault Don  mmcssdnaultret@webtv.net MM NV 617B
Nelms James Jim@nelmshospitality.com CS2 68-69 617B
Nelson James D  jim-bet@comcast.net MM1 CT 62-65(P) 617B
Nerzig Ira N  ss6091@optonline.net FT NY 65-66 617
Nettrouer LeRoy ss6091@optonline.net ET1 NY 65-66 617B
Neurohr Bernie bernie_neurohr@yahoo.com   ETN 73-77 617B
Newell Neil  nnnnew@msn.com 87-89 617
Newell Ted  tedarc0831@aol.com IC1  65-67 617B
Newton Walter (Fig) walter.newton@comcast.net QMC CT 79-82 617B
Niblick Ray   rmniblick@comcast.net FTB3 90-92 617G
Nichols Steve  steve279@bellsouth.net MM2 TN 85-87 617B
Nicholson James (Nick)  nicholsonjim@yahoo.com MM VA 65-72 617BG
(*)Nield Dennis MT1 DL 65-69 617G[ETERNAL PATROL 12/28/2017]
Nielson Glenn  glenn@voyager.apg.more.net MM 77-79 617B
Nixon Michael (Mike) mikenixon@hotmail.com MT WA 87-91 617B
Noble Karl 617,
Nolan Jerry L  jerry5673@att.net QM 71-73 617B
Nordell Byron  Bnordell1@gmail.com SN 66-67 617G
Nordell Glenn  gnordell1@gmail.com MM1 IL 62-67(P) 617G Plank Owner
Norris John  norrisjj1962@gmail.com TMCS 70-77 617GB
(*)Norton Kenneth 617 [ETERNAL PATROL]
Norviel David  mate5296@msn.com MM 72-76 617GB
(*)Norvell Patrick Glenn MT2 81-84 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 11/16/2020]
(*)Novgrod Robert L (Bob) ETR 72-77 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 12/3/2011]
Nowalk Mark  mark.nowalk@navy.mil MT2   89-91 617G
Nowell James R  j.r.nowell@att.net EM1 CT   62-67(P)617G
Nutick David dnutick@gmail.com   RM 77-79 617B
Odalen Bill  bill@odalen.org IC3 67-69 617B
O'Connor Jimmy   jimmy_oconnor@yahoo.com MM2 89-93 617
O'Daniell Charles D (Chuck) ET1 TN 62-65(P) 617B
Ogden O L ET1 62(P) 617B
O'Leary Gerard (Gerry) scponavret@aol.com MM  DE 85-89 617
Oliver Jerry   ryncwdor@msn.com MM 68-71 617B
Oliver Steven  sojo2046@yahoo.com STS  NY 90-92 617
Omenski John    jomenski@gmail.com  MM1 82-86 617G
O'Neil Ed (Eddie)  Ed.oneil@yahoo.com MM1 67-69 617G
O'Neil James  joneill3@neo.rr.com MT2 OH 75-77 617B
O'Neill Ed  oneills4dell@aol.com TM2 MD 67-71 617G
Ordway Gayle A  gordway@qnect.net ETR3 63-66(P) 617B
Orr J A EN2 62(P) 617B
(*)Osborne Scott A 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 3/17/21]
Oswald Thomas E  oswald@netnitco.net MM1 IN 67-70 617G
(*)Otto David T Officer CA 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 1/30/2018]
(*)Oxley George Russell ETN 71-72 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 8/27/2021]
(*)Padgette Jack B ETCS 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 12/9/2001]
Pagano Peter cuencaman2@comcast.net LTjg PA 77-80 617B
Pagden Craig E pagd1@aol.com EM2 NJ 62-64(P) 617B
Palenko S L 62(P) 617B
Paletsas Joseph jpaletsas@gmail.com ET1 87-90 617B
Paquet Paul squidman@wildblue.net QM 79-81 617B
Parent Daniel ET1 88-91 617 (Decom Crew)
Parkenson J 62(P) 617B
Parker Dale dale.w.parker@gmail.com MT2 VA 82-86 617B
Parker Randy  rparker@letscit.com STS  77-81 617G
Parker William F (Billy Boot)  parkerlockfix@aol.com MMFN PA  80-82 617B
Parrish Mark W  mwp@idadel.net ET MD  77-80 617B
Patison Mark (Cupcake)   mjpatison@aol.com STS TX  76-80 617G
Patterson Jerry  redfinn44@aol.com RM 81-83 617G
Pattison Lynn (Patti) lynnmm1ss@gmail.com MM1 71-75 617G
Paquet Paul Squidman59@gmail.com QM 617B
(*)Peck David T Jr MT1 NJ 62-64(P)617G [ETERNAL PATROL 11/10/2020]
Pedigo William (Bill) O pandb@nctc.com MM2 IN 62-66(P) 617G
Penley Gary gnpenley@aol.com EN 63-66 617B (Author see www.garypenley.com)
Penton Sherrill  ajspenton@cableone.net 71-75 617B
Peploe Mike michael.peploe@dot.state.mn.us ET NY 81-84 617B
Pepper Frank  f.pepper@sbcglobal.net AR 69-73 617
Perreault Chris  subdude20@yahoo.com FTB GA 88-91 617G
(*)Perry Robert D (Doc) 617 [ETERNAL PATROL]
Peters Rick   rpeters@cinergy.com OH  75-76 617B
(*)Peterson Bob (Pete)  MMC NH 75-80 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 3/19/2023]
(*)Peterson Craig 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 2011]
Petit C C 62(P) 617B
Phillips John C   2743john@gmail.com FT  63-69 617
Pierce Clark  ngreene4@go.com MM NJ 617
Pierce Ray rayoulpierce@msn.com MM2 70-74 617B
Pitcher  John  jpitch@c2i2.com MM AZ 88-90 617
Plumb Ken 617
Poe Leslie Alan (Butch) windydawg@aol.com FTB WA 617
Polensky Bob  polen588@shianet.org IC MI 61-64(P) 617
Pollick Mark (Carp) Tony0061@aol.com MT CA 80-82 617B
Pool John W jwpoole@yahoo.com MM3 IL 68-71 617G
Poth Mike   poth.michael@yahoo.com MM TX  71-75 617B
Pratt James  jpratt440@yahoo.com MT TN 68-71 617
Preece William L (Bill)  subsailor62@yahoo.com MM3  62-64(P) 617B
Premo David  premol@home.com.com EM SC  76-79 617
Presendofer EW (Chip)  presendofer@comcast.net MM2 PA 65-67 617G 
Preston Vernon  jpandme@sbcglobal.net ENS 76-78 617G
Price James (Jim)   froggybearroad@hotmail.com STS  81-84 617B
Price Todd R EM 84-88 617
Price William (Duff)   duff@oldcuyama.com MM  71-72 617G
Pridgen Bobby   bpridgen@sumterpa.com SK2  67-70 617G
Priest Jordan   jordan_priest@yahoo.com MM  90-92 617
Proctor Jim proctor_lcdr_jim@nscs.com Officer 88-91 617B
Proctor John W  docproc001@aol.com EM CT 617B
Proulx Mark  Proulx_ms@yahoo.com MT AZ  1987 617G
Pruitt Ted E tpruitt829@msn.com LTJG VA 78-80 617G
Pulford John C  pulford@bicnet.net ET 83-87 617
Puzar James (Jimmy)   RM 617
Quinn Gilbert (Gil)  gilbert.p.quinn@lmco.com 617
Quinn Patrick 617
(*)Rainwater Charles (Charlie) IC2 GA 62-64(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 10/24/2016]
Ralph John D JRalph@courts.state.nh.us RMC NH 77-80 617G
(*)Ramos Douglas (Buster) YN 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 10/10/2018]
Randolph J R 62(P) 617B
Randolph James (Ron)  jamesr2890@aol.com CS3 VA 63-65 617B
(*)Rapley David TMC 70-72 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 1973]
Ratisher Ron ronrat956@aol.com YN2 FL 75-78 617B
(*)Rawlins Robert D (Bob) LCDR (XO) CA 62(P) 617GB [ETERNAL PATROL 3/30/2015]
Rawson Bill  wmrwsn@cs.com FL 617B
Ray Edward  etray@bellsouth.net TM FL years 617
Ray Jim  subcon1@hotmail.com STS3 TX 75-79 617B
(*)Raye Erric Neal MM 81-82 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 2/12/2015
Redmon Paul   paul.redmon@yahoo.com MM1  63-68(P) 617G Plank Owner
Reecy Jim huntemup@abe.midco.net MM2 69-76 617G
Reed John  johnmreed@emirates.com ET UAE   78-82 617B
(*)Reed Michael J ETR2 FL 70-71 617G ETERNAL PATROL 2/24/2020]
Reed Winston 62(P) 617B
Reese Wesley (Wes)  wreese576@yahoo.com SN NC 85-87 617
Regan John  jregan3324@mindspring.com ET  81-85 617B
Reid Jim  jreid@awod.com FTB SC years 617B
(*)Rein Dave SC 1967 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 2/5/2016]
Reisinger Richard L  Christareisinger@yahoo.com YN MT 65-68 617
Richards Dave  drich63341@aol.com    617
Richards Rockwell (Rocket) rocky.richards7@gmail.com MM1 NH 77-80 617B
Richardson Carl  crrich@gmail.com FT NM 85-86 617B
Richarson Bruce (Rich) bricherson@sc.rr.com MM 65-70 617G
Rickert Martin martin.rickert@live.com TM3 KS 88-90 617
Rincon Reynaldo (Rey) rrincon98@home.com FTB TX 73-77 617G
Rindfleisch Brian  seymourmail@netscape.net FTB NY 83-85 617B
Rinkacs Denis (Rink) dr4i@MAIL1.andrew.cmu.edu MM PA 85-89 617B
Ritenburgh Edward A ritenbur@camcomp.com SK   617
Robbins CS STS 617
(*)Robbins Donald Edgar MMC PA 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 12/24/2005]
Robertson Kenneth  robbiess@aol.com 617
Robertson Ronald (Robbie) rjrjax@comcast.net RM FL 69-72 617B
Robinson Alan  104107.1707@compuserve.com FTG  IN years 617G 
(*)Robinson Donald (Robbie) SK1 1962(P) 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 6/4/2004]
(*)Robinson Randall W FTB 70-70 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 2/22/2020]
Rodarte William G RM CO 62(P) 617G
(*)Rodezno Robert (Bob) HM1 NC 84-89 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 6/20/2004]
Roediger Gordon sebring00@hotmail.com MM1 80-83 617B
Roediger James R gdroediger@adelphia.net EN 63-68 617B
(*)Rogers Kevin LTCDR (XO)77-81 617G [ETERNAL PATROL]
(*)Rolfe Leroy MT1 80-81 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 1984]
Romaine Rick  rickromaine617@yahoo.com 617
(*)Roraback Bill  IC2 GA 75-77 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 12/21/2023]
Rose Kevin uplander6079@gmail.com MM MI 82-87 617
Rose Roy E  rosesofme@cs.com ET ME 89-93 617
(*)Ross Leslie (Doc) 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 1988]
(*)Ross Russell Robert ICC 74-79 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 12/7/2010]
Rossi Bruce  barbfmc@yahoo.com MT 81-84 617B
Rowell Mark H  fa18mhr@hotmail.com ET CA 69-75 617B
Roy Dale mainesolarandwind@hotmail.com 90-93 617B
Royce Robert (Bob) bkroyce@sbcglobal.net ET 78-82 617G
Rummler Chuck chuck_rummler@yahoo.com MT2 80-83 617B
(*)Russell Newman L MMCS TX 62-66(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL]
(*)Russell Robert (Bob) MMC 75-80 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 3/4/2023]
(*)Russell Theodore K EN 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 12/28/2011]
Russo John  jgator600@yahoo.com ICSN 77-78 617B
Salsbury Jeff jeffsalisbury@sbcglobal.net IC2 CA 79-82 617B
Samson David J mmcsdjs@triad.rr.com MM2 NC 66-69 617G
Sarlin Robert (Bob)  rsarlin@earthlink.net LT(MC) 71-72 617G
Sather Tim   dirtwheel@aol.com MM1 86-90 617
Scent Robert  bagpipes1@aol.com HM CT 81-85 617B
(*)Schild William R (Bill) EM FL years 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 10/10/2013]
Schmidt Dwight E (Howdy) des507@aol.com IC MD 75-77 617B
Schmitt Darrell L dschmitt@buttes.net   MT 75-77 617G
Schmitz Mike Kschm10246@aol.com WA 64-67 617B
Schnitzler William (Trog) wschnitzler@predicate.com RMC 88-90 617G
Schoenbein Don   dschoenbein@englewoodgov.org CO  69-70 617G
(*)Schubert Carl E. LCDR 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 9/14/2023)
(*)Schultz David R. EM IL 89-92 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 3/6/2022]
Schulz Stan  swschulz@hotmail.com FTB VA 64-66 617B
(*)Schrader Harry Jr CDR (CO) 69-72 617B [ETERNAL PATROL]
Schreiber John J  ashenafea@msn.com FTB WA 64-66 617
Schwab Phillip  Phillip.E.Schwab@gmail.com ET2 SC  84-86 617B
Schwenk Terry  schwenkcom@dls.net MT  77-78 617B
Schwinn Phillip  schwinnpc@aol.com MM CA 70-73 617B
(*)Scott William (Bill) EMC 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 3/16/2016]
Scott Frank M frank-scott@roadrunner.com MM2 79-84 617G
Scott Thomas F tfscott2@juno.com   Officer 70-72 617G
Sealy David sealy1@chestertel.com QM 617
(*)Sease Joseph L 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 3/13/2017]
(*)Sedges Michael R MMFN 78-79 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 9/29/1990]
Sellars Carl E longhaired56@yahoo.com IC1 NC 77-79 617G
Sellers Richard (Dickie)  dick_sellers@msn.com MT1 FL   63-69(P) 617BG
Semelsberger Jack  semelsje@gmail.com EM   71-76 617G
Semidei Carlos  et1_semidei@trfkb.navy.mil ET  83-86 617B
Sempek David   sempek4123@msn.com ET CO  79-83 617G
Sempek Jeff   jjsempek@yahoo.com FT  78-80 617G
Semple Chuck  akalpine@alaska.com MM AK 617
Senerius Don dseneriu@arinc.com Officer MD 82-85 617G
Severence Randall (Randy) murph.seve@icloud.com NJ 1970 617B
(*)Sexton Emery E QMC 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL]
Shade D G 62(P) 617B
Shannon Ted   tedngeri@home.com  MM 84-86 TX 617G
Shannon QM2 77-80 617B
(*)Shaw Brian 88-90 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 1/28/2023]
Shaw Carl   wooter1@yahoo.com  Officer NC 79-82 617G
(*)Sherman Benjamin Jr CDR CO VA 63-66(P) 617G [ETERNAL PATROL 2/9/2011]
Shirk John johnshirik107@hotmail.com 89-92 617GB
Shirley David J lincolncitytexan@yahoo.com ET 85-87 617GB
Shogren Chuck  shogie@citizens-tel.net MM WI 71-72 617
Shufeldt Loren (Dee)  lshufeldt@msn.com NavET 81-84 617G
Shumate Jimmy (JC) EN2 62-67(P) 617G
Shupps Doyle Lee FTB2 68-70 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 1/20/2012]
Shunk Charlie  shunkshack@cox.net MM  67-71 617B
(*)Siedlicke David W MSCS 1984 617B (COB) [ETERNAL PATROL 6/17/2019]
Siegele W F 62(P) 617B
Sievel David  dsieve75@gmail.com MM MO 79-83 617B
Sievers Gary L tmcssn700@att.net TM2 67-71 617BG
Sikes Michael   sikester68@hotmail.com  MS 88-91 MI 617B
Sillitto Mark marksillitto@comcast.net   MT CT 82-86 617G
Silvia James (JD)  jsilvia@memach.com STS3 VA 82-86 617G
(*)Simmons Charles J LTJG 62 617
(*)Simmons Clarence J SD3 62-64(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 9/28/2011]
Simon James P (Jim)  jamespsimon@gmail.com YN3 68-70 617G
(*)Simmons Charles J LTJG 62 617
(*)Simmons Clarence J SD3 62-64(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 9/28/2011]
Simons Scott scsimons@comcast.net FTB1 75-82 617B
(*)Simpson Phillip E 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 7/22/2015]
(*)Simpson Royce V EN 74-75 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 2/6/2022]
Singleton Wayne  sgt.rwsnuffy@gmail.com RM TX 75-76 617B
Skelton Darrell L QM 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 7/1/1984]
Skinner Todd  crimefighter_28@yahoo.com MM  years 617B
(*)Skorupski Stanley CDR (CO) 70-75 617G & Overhaul CO [ETERNAL PATROL 2/15/2018]
Sleve Raymond D rsleve@hotmail.com STS RI 75-76 617G
Sloan David dsloan1906@gmail.com MT3 NC 76-78 617G
(*)Small Larry W RM NC 68-71 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 4/1/2017]
Small W E 62(P) 617B
Smith Dennis M CAFEHINGHAM@bcbsma.com MS2 81-84 617G
Smith L H FTC 62(P) 617B
(*)Smith Marshall D FT FL 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 2000]
Smith Phillip (Smitty) pmsmith36@yahoo.com MT SC  71-72 617G
(*)Smith Richard Paul NY 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 2/12/2018]
Smith Robert  robtsec@yahoo.com STS MD years 617G
Smith William (Smitty) wlspapoo@yahoo.ca CS IN  69-72 617G 
Snipes Jim   j_snipes@mindspring.com  ET 70-72 617G
Snow David dasnow2@yahoo.com   MM 86 617
Snyder Andy   zelndot@inna.net MST   82-83 617
Snyder B D 62(P) 617B
Snyder David E EM1 dearlsnyder@comcast.net 80-83 617B
Snyder John J jsnyder03@snet.net MM CT 88-91 
Sorbello Mike  tuner5.0@charter.net MM1 MO 89-93 617
Spalding Dean  deanspalding@mindspring.com ET NC 72-76 617
Spann Bruce  bs021546@bellsouth.net MM 71-74 617G
Spencer Patrick (Spence)  pspence62@hotmail.com STS 88-93 617B
Spires James M jmspires@hotmail.com  OH years 617
Spruill J H 62(P) 617B
Stadler Jon jmskmsnc@yahoo.com MT 84-86 617G
Stadt Michael   jaxrosie@aol.com   TM 77-80 617G
Stein Howard  tlcman@aol.com   70-71 617B
Steisslinger Nelson  toomuchtime@cfl.rr.com TM3 VA 70-73 617B
Stevenson Roy  rstevenson00@optonline.net ETR1 NJ 62-66(P) 617B
(*)Steward Charles R FTC 62(P) 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 2000]
Stewart Bill  wstewart@litenet.net Officer  years 617G
Stewart Brian L brian@clearedgeconsulting.com MM MA 82-86 617B
(*)Stim Daniel J CS 69-70 617 [ETERNAL PATROL 10/11/2019]
Stokes AM RMCS 62(P) 617B
Stone Aaron C  astone6@cox.net MT2 88-89 617
(*)Storm Robert D ETN2 64-66 617B [Eternal Patrol]
Strassner Mark  mstrazz1@charter.net EM MO 88-91 617
Strauss Michael   mstrauss@alliant.edu  80's 617B
Strickland David nydlstrick@verizon.net STS NY 80-83 617B
Stropkay Joe W  jsphat7@aol.com TM NY 70-72 617GB
Stuart Charles L clstuart56@hotmail.com LT FL 66-68 617B
Stubbs George R LT SC 62-64(P) 617B
Sullivan G F LT 62(P) 617B
Sullivan John Jr jsullivan@qedsysinc.com FT   617
(*)Summit Charles Daniel (Dan) CDR (CO) 64-67 617B [ETERNAL PATROL 1/1/2009]
Swart Richard   rds630@dfl.nr.com SK FL  79-82 617
Swartz Mike  harrys6604@aol.com MM PA 67-71 617G
Talipsky John E john@talipsky.com LT GA 69-72 617B
Tandy Jon j.tandy@att.net LT PA 78-81 617G
Taylor Terry terry.taylor121@gmail.com FTB1 82-85 617B
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Commander Norman (Buz) Bessac

Commander Bessac was born in Oakland California and graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1944. He served on USS REQUIN (SS-481), USS BUGARA (SS-331), USS BASS SSK-2 where he served as XO, USS GUDGEON (SS-567) where he served as CO (he was CO in 1957 when the Gudgeon was “found” by Soviet ASW forces and survived the ordeal) and USS SCORPION (SSN-589) where he also served as Commissioning CO prior to becoming the first Blue Crew skipper of the Alexander Hamilton and held that command from Jun 1963 to Dec 1964 that included patrols #1 and #3.
Commander Benjamin F. Sherman, Jr.

Commander Sherman was born in Keene, New Hampshire and graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1945 and later received his Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from Stanford. He served on USS RONQUIL (SS-396) 1947 as an Ensign operating out of Pearl Harbor, USS TIRU (SS-416) 1948 as part of the commissioning crew as an Ensign, USS BESUGO (SS-321), USS CORSAIR (SS-435) and USS PIPER (SS-409) LCDR Sherman served as CO of USS PIPER c 1961 when the boat made its 10,000th dive in March of that year. This all prior to becoming the first Gold Crew skipper of the Alexander Hamilton and held that command from Jun 1963 until Jan 1966 that included patrols #2, #4, #6 and #8. From July of 1968 to July of 1970 he was the Commodore of Submarine Squadron 14, Holy Loch, Scotland. During this time, in 1969, the resident floating dry-dock, USS LOS ALAMOS (AFDB-7) required it's own overhaul and was taken across the Clyde to Port Glasgow for almost a year before returning to Holy Loch. Upon it's return, in the first four months the dry-dock conducted ten submarine dry-dockings to get the maintenance schedule back on track...a record that still stands. In 1973 he retired from the Navy and went into private business.

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